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15 Creative Occasions for Custom Candles

From swag bags to event favors to employee appreciation gifts, Mountain Top Candles can light up any special occasion - Even some you never ever thought of!

At Mountain Top Candle Shop, we're convinced there's a bit of magic in every candle we create. Especially when it comes to custom candles, the possibilities to tailor this magic to fit your specific desires—be it for your business, a special event, or just to add that perfect touch to your space—are endless. Join us as we share 15 creative ways our clients have used custom candles to make their mark and bring a unique vibe to their spaces and occasions.

Mountain Top Candle Shop inventory of 8 custom candles

1. Welcome Gifts

Welcome new clients or team members warmly with a custom candle designed to make them feel instantly part of the family. It's a gesture that says, "We're glad you're here."

2. Swag Bags

Elevate your event swag bags from ordinary to extraordinary. Include custom candles in your conference or event bags to give attendees a luxurious, memorable takeaway.

3. Client Appreciation

Show how much you value your long-standing clients with a custom candle designed to reflect your shared success and appreciation.

4. Airbnb Guest Experience

Enhance your guests' stay by offering a unique, branded candle to enjoy. A scent specifically designed for your VRBO, airbnb or other short-term rental property can become a memorable part of their experience.

5. Event Favors

Personalize events like weddings, galas, or corporate gatherings with custom candles as favors. Guests will appreciate the thoughtful keepsake that reminds them of the special day.

6. Brand Anniversaries

Celebrate your brand’s milestones with a commemorative candle that captures the essence of your journey. It’s a beautiful way to mark the occasion and share it with others.

7. Boutique Retail Offerings

Stand out in the retail landscape by offering exclusive, branded candles in your boutique or shop. It’s a fantastic way to enhance the ambiance of your space and offer something unique to your customers.

8. Real Estate Closings

Leave a lasting impression on homebuyers with a custom candle as a housewarming gift. It’s a thoughtful touch that can turn a house into a home.

9. Spa and Salon Retail

Match the relaxing ambiance of your spa or salon with candles that carry your signature scent. It’s an excellent addition to your retail offerings, extending the spa experience to your clients' homes.

10. Corporate Gifts

Make a lasting impression on clients, partners, and employees with candles that reflect your company's brand and ethos. A thoughtful, branded candle can convey appreciation and professionalism.

11. Influencer Collaborations

Boost your brand’s visibility by partnering with influencers to create a co-branded line of candles. It’s a trendy way to reach new audiences and tap into the influencer’s followers.

12. Gift with Purchase

Enhance customer loyalty and the shopping experience by offering a custom candle as a gift with purchase. It’s a delightful way to thank your customers for their business.

13. Holiday Gifts

Customize scents for the holiday season, creating the perfect gift option for customers seeking unique and personal presents for their loved ones.

14. Subscription Box Additions

Surprise and delight your subscription box customers with a custom candle. It’s a wonderful addition that enhances the perceived value of your box.

15. Fundraising Merchandise

Support your fundraising efforts with custom candles. They not only help to raise funds but also offer your supporters a tangible token of their contribution to your cause.

Custom Candles for Your Upcoming Occassion

We love making candles that add something special to any place or moment. Looking to make your business stand out, celebrate an event, or just want a cozy feel? Custom candles are the way to go.

Our team makes the entire process from scent selection to delivery to make sure your custom candles are ready to shine for your big day!  Let’s work together to make something great. Contact us to start your custom scent project.

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