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Cookeville's Natural Influence on Mountain Top Candles

Greetings, fellow Cookevillians!

One of the things we deeply treasure about life in Cookeville and the heart of Middle Tennessee is the lush, untouched beauty that graces our surroundings. The radiant local plant life, from the blossoming dogwoods in spring to the radiant red maples in fall, endlessly fuels our creativity at Mountain Top Candle Shop.

Our dedication to producing all-natural, non-toxic candles extends beyond a conscientious business decision. It's actually a tribute to the distinct natural ambiance of Cookeville, infusing a touch of that local charm into each of our handcrafted candles. Ever been curious about what makes our essential oil candles smell so mesmerizing? The answer lies in the inspiration we glean from our local vegetation. We painstakingly select the essential oils that accurately convey the quintessence of Middle Tennessee's natural fragrances, from the fresh scent of green leaves following a rain shower to the delightful perfume of flowers in full bloom in the summer.

The creation of essential oil candles goes beyond merely blending oils into wax. It's a nuanced process of arranging scents to echo the intricate fragrance profiles found in nature. When you ignite one of our soy-coconut wax candles, the flame's subtle warmth gently emits the meticulously curated blend of essential oils. As the scent begins to permeate your space, our intention is for you to feel a sense of our treasured landscapes, even while ensconced comfortably in your home.

We take great pride in saying that our candles encapsulate 'Cookeville in a jar'. Each candle recounts a tale of a leisurely walk through the awe-inspiring Burgess Falls, a hike in the expansive Cummins Falls State Park, or a peaceful saunter in Cane Creek Park.

The all-natural components that we use, specifically the essential oils, contribute to maintaining an environment that’s aromatic but also non-toxic. We recognize the significance of promoting a healthy and safe atmosphere within your home. That’s why our candles incorporate a blend of soy-coconut wax and wood wicks, further enhancing their non-toxic qualities.

By choosing Mountain Top Candle Shop's all-natural, essential oil candles, you're embracing a little fragment of Cookeville. You're opting for a product inspired by the magnificence of our local landscape, handcrafted by local artisans, and imbued with the spirit of Middle Tennessee. And that's a choice for which we're deeply appreciative.

So the next time you light one of our candles, we hope you'll pause to cherish the relationship between the calming flame, the enthralling fragrance, and the stunning natural vistas that encircle us here in Cookeville. It's a connection we’re incredibly proud of and one we're excited to share with our fellow Cookeville denizens.

Thank you for accompanying us on this aromatic journey through the natural charm of Cookeville. Continue exploring, continue relishing, and most importantly, continue supporting local. Here’s to the awe-inspiring natural grandeur of Middle Tennessee, the muse behind every Mountain Top Candle.

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