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We love offering our products at local shops in Cookeville and all over Tennessee. Contact us to learn more about our wholesale and consignment options. 


Our Story

While we didn't initially set out to sell candles, we absolutely LOVE the high-quality products we have to offer. We really only wanted to make scented candles with natural ingredients that embodied all the beauty of mountain living for ourselves. So, we bought supplies and started making candles to do just that.

We thought we were making "regular" candles with essential oils in our favorite scent profiles. But we learned there weren't many candle makers offering high quality all-natural candles. So we decided to meet that desire, and sell our candles with natural ingredients in woodsy, earthy, and fruity scents that are hard to find in store-bought candles.

Now, we spend our days experimenting and creating a variety of scents. Our mission is to create all-natural natural, eco-friendly candles with very unique custom scent blends inspired by all the lovely, satisfying scent from up here on the mountain top!

Candles areTherapeutic

Candles are meant to lift your mood, ease your mind, improve your sleep health, stimulate memory, provide comfort and relax your body. The mental and physical benefits of simply burning a candle in your home are incredibly valuable.

Our all-natural candles burn clean with 100% organic soy wax and unique scent blends made with all-natural essential and fragrance oils.

Take a break and let our Mountain Top Shop candles take you to your favorite time of year, your favorite place to be or trigger your best memories!