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made with only essential oils


About Our Candles


Natural Soy-Coconut Wax

Our candles are made with an all-natural, vegan-friendly soy/ coconut wax blend. Our wax has NO paraffin.


Scented with Only Essential Oils

Nature doesn’t need any synthetic fragrance oils or additives to smell neither do our candles.


Hand Poured in Micro-Batches

Micro-batching allows us flexibility to create unique scents, while preserving the quality and authenticity of our products.


Environmentally Responsible

From wax to wick, our candles are entirely plant-based, vegan friendly and derived from only renewable resources.

Why Only Essential Oils?

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Essential Oils are Natural

Why settle for chemical-filled, boring fragrance candles when you can have all-natural, plant-derived essential oil candles? Essential oils offer therapeutic benefits and a calming ambiance while being eco-friendly. Plus, they're perfect for those with allergies or sensitive noses. No overwhelming scents. No more headaches. Don't settle for less - choose essential oils!

Essential Oils are Good for Your Health

Essential oils are derived from flowers, leaves, bark, roots, etc. to create a natural scent. Fragrance oils, on the other hand, are made with synthetic chemicals that can be super bad for you and the environment. Some even have phthalates in them that are linked to various health problems like hormonal imbalances, reproductive issues, and developmental problems. Plus, fragrance oil candles can let out volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can make your indoor air all polluted and stuff. The bottom line: Essential oil candles are better for you and the planet.


A Healthy Alternative to Traditional Candles 


We've got a scent for every mood, from the chill vibes of our Bohemian Sunrise to the energizing kick of our citrusy Tangerine Dreams. And with our long-lasting burn times, you can enjoy the sweet, sweet smell of our candles for hours on end.


So why settle for any old candles when you can have Mountain Top Shop's all-natural candles that are basically like a mini vacay in a jar? Get yours today and turn your home into a cozy, happy place!

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