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non-toxic candles

scented with only essential oils

Welcome to Mountain Top Candle Shop!

Each of our scents is hand-blended right in our workshop, creating aromas that are natural, exclusive, and unmistakably ours. 

We're proud of this hands-on approach, as it allows us to offer you a scent experience that's truly one-of-a-kind. It's our way of sharing something special and thoughtfully made, straight from our Scent Lab to your space.

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Get $1 Off Your Next Purchase

Return your used jar and lid to ANY of our retailers and get $1 off your next candle purchase!

Candle Wax Before Melting

What Makes Our Candles UNIQUE?

Bespoke Scents

 We hand-blend every scent right here in our workshop. It's a process we take seriously because it's what makes our aromas so natural, so unique, and unmistakably ours. 


We're proud of our eco-friendly candle production, using renewable coconut/soy wax and plant-based oils. Our Jar Return program, use of green energy, and grey water recycling further reduce waste and our carbon footprint.


Our micro-batching process reflects our dedication to high-quality ingredients, enabling meticulous adjustment and consistency in each scent for perfectly blended aromas.

Artisan Quality

Our handcrafted candles are carefully made with the best ingredients, ensuring they burn evenly, smell great, and create a warm, cozy feeling in any room.

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Inspired by Nature

Our candles are made with a dedication to quality. Each candle is crafted with care to deliver a unique, natural experience that can only come from our line of products. Our variety of scents are perfect for any mood, occasion, or setting. Try one of our candles today. You won’t be disappointed.

Why Do We Only Use Essential Oils?


Tired of candles that smell too strong or fake? We were too, so we set out to create something real and just right.


Our candles are crafted with essential oils sourced from real plants. This means you get a gentle, natural aroma every time. And because they're eco-friendly and an absolute favorite for those sensitive to strong scents. So, for a refreshing, true-to-nature scent experience in your home, choose essential oils. Relax, and let your senses indulge.

ESSENtial Oils vs. Fragrance Oils

Essential oils capture the pure essence of plants, from the scent of blooming flowers to aromatic tree bark. They are nature's genuine fragrances. Conversely, fragrance oils are synthetic creations, formulated with various chemicals. Some of these, notably phthalates, have potential health implications.


Phthalates, commonly used in fragrance oils, are chemicals that can mess with our body's hormone system. This disruption can lead to health problems like hormonal imbalances, fertility issues, and even developmental challenges in children. It's more than just a scent; it's about what that scent might be doing to our health.

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